Every year we take on a limited amount of weddings to ensure we can devote the time and effort necessary to really get to know our couples. If you’re ready to book or would like to set up a time to meet please send us an email or give us call. We would love to chat! 

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Why Video?

Should I film my wedding?
The biggest regret couples have after their wedding is not having a professional video created of their big day.  In fact, couples that do get professional video, from us at least (especially those couples on the fence), wind up finding it was BY FAR the best investment they could have made on their wedding day.  Video is the only way to relive one of the most important days of your life.  Imagine having a well produced video of your parent's wedding, or even grandparent's wedding.  It would be priceless. Weddings are one of the rare moments in life where two families come together to celebrate life.  We look at wedding videos as more a 'family-documentary' than anything else.  Because that's what they really are.


Will you or your crew be an eye sore at our wedding?
We're not invisible, but we do leave a very small footprint.  Smaller than most videographer.  Since we use modern video cameras (and not ancient film cameras or SLR's), we can keep our distance yet still get great close-ups.  Our cameras are smaller, they're not these big, clunky shoulder mounted monsters some might typically associate video with.  We will only use an on-camera light for darker filming situations, usually night-time receptions.  And even then, the light isn't overpowering and will only light up any subject matter right in front of our cameras.  The biggest compliment we often get from our clients after their wedding is how they didn't even know we were there!


Who will be our videographer if we book with you?
We have four main 'crew leaders'... Teresa Lopez, Dennis Lopez (my husband!), Luis Romero & Ronald Lopez.   When a second shooter is required we pull from our experienced group of crew leaders to assist one the main shooters.  We all film exactly alike but Luis handles all editing duties.  If we only have one wedding on any given date, you'll get myself or  Dennis personally.  I'm the main photographer when the Ultimate collection is booked. When there's multiple bookings videographers will be assigned based on the amount of coverage that is needed, where weddings are taking place, etc.  Bottom line though, you'll be getting one of our own videographers who film regularly for us throughout the year.


Are you experienced with different cultures?
You bet.  We're experienced with any denomination of Christian faith, from Catholicism to Presbyterian, frequently handle Pentecostal ceremonies and are also well experienced with all types of religious and cultures.  With multiple weddings under our belts now, we've handled them all! That aside, we're really only there to document the day as it unfolds.  So no matter what denomination your ceremony might be, the approach is pretty much the same. 


Other companies are more expensive than you, why?
Our pricing is 'middle-of-the-road' for the market we're based in (Oregon area).  A typical wedding project can take between 20-40 hours to complete depending on the complexity of the project.  Some videographers will charge $5000-$6000 to do the same thing we do in our Ultimate Collection (which is around 5k) & it includes a photography collection.  The really expensive folks likely do not do what they do full time.  They usually have a 'regular' job during the week so the wedding video income isn't that important to their well being.  If they book 5-10 events per year, they're happy.  Simply put, if we were too expensive we wouldn't get the business to make this our full time job. 


How does the booking process work?
Super Easy!  We just need to know what package you'd like to go with and where your wedding is taking place.  We'd then provide you with a booking link, then a single page contract via PayPal through email with all the details  Once we receive your $300 deposit, you're all set! 1/3 will be due in 30-60 days and the rest 30 days before your wedding date. If you pay in full via check or cash you will receive a 10% discounts. 


Can I set up a face-to-face meeting?
Absolutely!  Most clients book right through email, facebook or after a phone call, but I completely understand some folks still like the good old fashioned face-to-face meeting.  I do too actually!  So when folks like to meet, due to the nature of my busy schedule, I can do so at a Starbucks location in Eugene or even PDX area or at my home studio in Harrisburg... whichever location is more convenient for the client.  Alternatively, if it might be difficult to get together or if the client lives across the country, we can always video chat in Facetime, Skype or Google Hangouts.


Will bright lights and long cables overpower our special event/wedding?
We use a very discrete setup, involving no cables or overpowering lights.  The HD digital video our cameras and editing software produce is better than the current High Definition standard and our cameras do an excellent job of picking up quality images in very low-light situations.  In some cases we don't even have to use any lighting.  But if we do, it's usually during a dimly lit reception and the light is not overpowering at all.  It's just bright enough to light up our subject matter within 10' of the camera.


What about catching our vows clearly?
On all shoots we use professional WAV (MP3) wireless microphones on the groom which have no drop-out issues that UHF transmitters can potentially have.  They also won't interfere with any house wireless system.  That one mic picks up whatever anyone says around him clearly.  All anyone would notice of that set-up, if they notice it at all, is a tiny piece of black foam on the groom's lapel.  Any readers are picked up clearly using on-board 'shotgun' microphones on our cameras.   After the ceremony we always remove the wireless mic from the groom.  As a bonus, we'll send you the resulting file via download within days of your wedding just for fun!   Of course, if a couple would rather not wear a mic that is totally fine, just be aware your vows may not be picked up clearly in the video, if at all. 


What's the benefit in having two videographers?
Two videographers come in handy, most importantly, during your ceremony. Especially those ceremonies held in churches that might have strict restrictions on how photographers and videographers can shoot. Although not always necessary, a second videographer will allow the main videographer to film more discreetly as it isn't necessary to check-up on the second or main camera on a tripod as frequently. At the reception, if you're into guests leaving a message on camera, it's especially important to have a second videographer who can solely focus on that while the main videographer focuses on things like your first dance and toasts. Second videographers also can give the main videographer a break during the reception during random dancing, thus obtaining more footage of the reception as a whole. It's almost humanly impossible for one person to hold a video camera all night without arm strain. 


How many hours of footage do you shoot?
On a typical full day shoot, we'll wind up with anywhere from 3 to 8 hours of raw footage.  Each event is unique however, and this could widely vary depending on the schedule of events within any given day.  That doesn't mean we're only with you for 3 to 8 hours.  With all of our Wedding Video packages, we arrive an hour before your ceremony is expected to start and are with you up to 10 hours (or more) on the day-of depending on the collection you book with us.  Additional hours can be tacked on based on hourly rates if necessary and can be added to your package at any time, even on the wedding day.


What should we expect with editing?
You should expect to laugh, cry and in most cases, be totally blown away with the quality of editing we provide for your video.  It's one thing to just film the wedding, but the real art lies at in the editing.  All of our videos come with a cinematic introduction montage of events leading up to the wedding itself.  The 'main events', like your ceremony and reception, are presented in real time with what appears to be multiple camera angles.  We like to get the ceremony in full on the video, but in some cases we cut out 'down time' to make room for other goodies throughout the day.  With some of our upper end packages you get all of your raw footage so if some of those down times aren't in the fully edited video, you'll find them on the raw footage (which can also be purchased as an extra in our lower-tier packages).  All of our videos are also capped off with a Highlight Video, which is great to show off on social media to those who don't want to sit through your entire video, and we artistically edit other events like pre-ceremony activities and your formal photo shoots set to the music of your choice in your complete video.


If there's a problem with the finished video, can you fix it?
Absolutely.  Problems are rare but could include a misspelled name, a faulty USB that creates playback issues, an exporting snaffu that causes playback problems with the USB.   At the end of the day, we want you to be satisfied with your wedding video:)


How long will you take to finish our video?
10-25 weeks depending on the season.  Average turnover time is between 12-18  weeks.  It is not uncommon for other editing studios and even photographers to take in upwards of 12 months or more to deliver a final product!  Luis is the head editor and does the vast majority of editing, including all final and creative editing.  So as the wedding season progresses, we get busier!  Typically there's shorter turnover times early in the year (March/April) and longer turnover times later in the year (September/October).


Do you do DVD, VHS or both?
  We deliver all videos on a USB and as an option for a digital download of the HD master file/s (.m4v format, great for iTunes, Apple TV's and general video streaming to 'smart' devices and televisions).   Digital streaming is the future.  DVD's will soon be drink coasters... lol. 


How soon before our wedding should we book with you?
Popular summer and fall dates fill up quickly.  We recommend booking as soon as possible as it is not uncommon for couples to book a year or more in advance.  We basically operate on a first come, first served basis.  But with up to four crews for any given date, we also get a lot of last minute bookings.  So it's really relative for us.   If we are booked up though, we also work with a professional pool of videographers in the Maryland area that we can refer you too.  


Do you travel?
Of course!  Small travel fees are associated with anything we can drive to in a reasonable amount of time (anything more than around 2 hours away from Eugene Oregon), and as long as travel expenses are covered for anything requiring a flight, we'll film just about anywhere in the world! 



Now for some legal mumbo-jumbo (this info is denoted on any contract signed with us)...

-We require 1/4 due before the wedding date to hold your date.  If for whatever reason you cancel your date or contract with us, any deposits already paid to that point are non-refundable.  Reason being, chances are in the time you had been booked with us we had to turn away other clients... IE... lost business. 


-If the date is changed due to the weather or other reason, chances are we'll have a crew available to film on the new date and we'll honor the original contract for that new date. No problem.


-Although we've never missed a wedding for any reason, if we vanish and don't film your wedding or event for whatever reason, you'll get all of your money back.  No questions asked.  To me this seems foreign, but folks do ask... 'what if you guys don't show'. So, here's the answer!   Rest assured, we plan on showing for any event we book:) 


Those points aside, we still are human and will more than likely return any deposits in the event there's a major tragedy that's preventing the wedding from happening. But to protect our butts, we have to put an official policy out there so there's no gray area from a legal perspective.  I personally HATE the business and legal end of our gig, but just like any other business, we gotta put some sort of policy out there.



Stay Fabulous! 



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